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We want to thank each and every one of our customers for participating in Seccion Latina. 

Making the directory is challenging each year.  Times are changing as well as the needs of our clients, so it’s important to us to help our advertisers connect with the people seeking for their services and products.   

Every time we put in your hands a new directory the satisfaction is great.  Each directory represents the work of many months, where we put passion, constancy, perseverance and our heart.  Our goal is not only to sell an ad, but to know the customer, know the person, the human being and meet their needs and help them find a way to make their business more successful. 

This edition is very special because it marks the first decade of Seccion Latina.  Yes, 10 years have gone by, and while making this edition, it was very motivating to open the pages of the first edition released in 2003.    We found customers that are still with us since the first edition, such as Dr. Paul Bild, our first customer.  We want to thank all who have believed and still believe in us.  When we visit our customers we visit a friend, and that’s what leads us to strive and grow more every year.  You are the engine that makes us return to the ring and create Seccion Latina one more year.

We also want to thank the community in general by its placement to our work and also to other communities seeking to join and participate in our beautiful Latin American community.

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